For searching online information on Touch, I have encountered a timeline for all Adachi Series. I am quite impressed by it. So, I have decided to build one for Touch. Actually, it is quite difficult to do so since there is few information on exact dates from the manga. I need to have a guess by counting days, the clothes of the characters or descriptions of the weather. Hope I can guess it correctly. If you have found anything wrong, just feel free to let me know.

I only base on the manga to build this timeline. But I may extend the timeline by using OVA if I have time.

Touch Timeline

IE CSS Fix & Screencap of TV Episode 001

I actually don’t like IE since it is very stupid in reading css codes. There is a problem for the chinese version of site skin number 2, ie, the English words and numbers cannot be shown on the same line with the Chinese characters. But finally I have fixed it!

Besides, I have decided to add more screencaps of TV episode 001 after finishing 002. So, be sure to check back!

Screencap of TV Episode 001

Finally, I have just finished the screencap of TV episode 001. I think I am crazy, I have captured 143 images of only one episode!! And some screencaps even have the script but it is only in Chinese.

I use Lightbox, a javascript, to show the screencap gallery. Hope it is easier for you to view so many screencaps.

Please click to visit:

New Idea

I have recently watched the Touch TV episodes 1-101. As I remember, I have only read the manga but have no chance to watch the tv episodes before. After years, I still feel so touched by watching it.

Besides, I have searched information on Touch via the internet but not much can be found, so I have decided to include more content here and share it with all the fans of Touch.

I plan to do it by phases since I think this project should be in large scale:

01. Fix the Chinese version of this site (I have recently found that it does not work! Sorry!)
02. Include the screencaps and story summary of the tv episodes 1-101
03. Include the important scripts of manga 1-26
04. Include the songs, lyrics and media files
05. Include the screencaps and story summary of the OVAs
06. Rewrite on each character, including biography, images on different stage and related scripts
07. Include good internet reviews of Touch
08. Rewrite the basic information of Adachi and Touch
09. Collect and design new wallpapers and avatars
10. Design new site skin templates

But to save time, I think I may do this project in Chinese this time. I don’t know how long this project will take. I have only started taking the screencap of tv episode 1, it takes me 4 days already. But I enjoy doing it very much.

I will be very appreciated if some volunteers can take part in this project. If you are interested, please feel free to send an email to ranmajen {at} yahoo {dot} com. Your work in all languages are welcome, but I only know Chinese and English, so you must know either Chinese or English in the first place.