Site Revamp

I have just finished to revamp this site to use phpsiteskin. Layout has been redesigned to fit the new script and a new design has been added. Via phpsiteskin, you can switch layout at any time you want. The original blue and white layout has been revamped to “Running on the Snow”. And the new layout is “At a Glance”. Hope you would like it.

Besides, I have added new sections:

– “OST” has the OST song list and a online review
– “Layouts” lists the previous and existing layouts. A brief introduction has been there too.

I have also done some tidy-up for other pages. Please feel free to click around.

Site Resuming: New Update Blog

Sorry for being no update a long time. Since my sites including here were hacked last year and I have been busy in switching host recently.

If you are a frequent visitor to this site, you may know I have updated some pages but the more important is that more updates are coming soon. So, I reinstall the update blog and let you know the updates clearly. Besides, I re-activate the commenting system, hope the anti-spam can do its job. Then I can have more interactions with you.

And you can subscribe for the update feed by saving the rss feed in your rss reader.

Okay, it’s time to continue my job. Talk to you soon.