Script Review

As I am not a programmer and I do not have much knowledge on programming. I found free scripts on the internet for my site building. Unfortunately, some installed scripts have faded out and no version upgrade after years.

One of the scripts I used is FanUpdate, that is a blog script for multi-sites. I have used for years as site news. It is useful but it is really not user-friendly when removing spams (no batch removal function). I have got fed up with removing the spams one by one or removed them in phpMyAdmin. So, I have decided to use another script.

After searching on the internet, not many scripts fit to my requirements, i.e, light and can be embeded in multi-sites. I have given a try on Cutenews, but unfortunately, I cannot login to the dashboard after several repeated installations. Finally, I install WordPress, which I have used for my personal blog for years. Though it is not light, but it is well-maintained and able to manage the blog for multi-sites.

So, our update blog has been back again!

Host Switched

Sorry for our sites being down sometimes recently as I host my sites with NAS at my home and the internet connection is not stable. And finally I have switched our sites to a web hosting company, hope the sites will become more stable and faster to load. If you encounter any problems when visiting the sites, please feel free to let me know.


For searching online information on Touch, I have encountered a timeline for all Adachi Series. I am quite impressed by it. So, I have decided to build one for Touch. Actually, it is quite difficult to do so since there is few information on exact dates from the manga. I need to have a guess by counting days, the clothes of the characters or descriptions of the weather. Hope I can guess it correctly. If you have found anything wrong, just feel free to let me know.

I only base on the manga to build this timeline. But I may extend the timeline by using OVA if I have time.

Touch Timeline